Special Programs

FRIDAY CURRICULUM : This is to stir up the spirit of academic challenge and competition between our students from JSS 1 to SS 3.At the same time building self confidence of our students.It involves questioning the students of a class on selected topics before the teachers and other students. Moreso, students are given topics to carry research on, and then present their findings school.

MATHEMATICS CLINIC: We have discovered that Mathematics is a problem to many students, therefore, Mathematics clinic is being used by the school to address this problem. Students are given chances to express their major problem in any topic and teachers are assigned to explain the solution to the problem using different methods. It is usually from 7am-7:45am in the morning and 3pm -4pm in the afternoon respectively.
Through the Mathematics clinic, all necessary topics in Mathematics for Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School are covered and thoroughly thought a year before the terminal classes.

ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT: Knowing full well that pen cannot raise everything for everybody in life. In New Heights College, we ensure that our students acquire skills that can sustain them in any area of choice before completing their secondary school education. The skill development cuts across catering, dry cleaning, creative arts, barbing and hair dressing, bead making, cloth dying, music training and computer hardware repair.